Erk FM: Australia 372 – Diving Into The Womb

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Welcome to episode 372 of Erk FM: Australia. Like on this week’s episode of Erk FM: International, Erk has decided to feature one artist. In this case, the band is The Womb. With almost constant line up & style changes, The Womb have a variety of styles as you will hear on this episode. Starting in the UK as an avenue to counter musical frustration in high school, The Womb have featured various people as well as at one time being a solo project of founder Alan Driscol. In later years, Alan moved to Australia, now calling Melbourne home. All albums by The Womb (and there’s a few of them!) are available as free downloads via their website.


All music supplied by Jamendo.


Song list (all times approximate):

  • 04:58 – Dirty Weekend
  • 09:16 – Nymphomania (C-90 version)
  • 12:25 – Strained Mafia Smiles (acoustic)
  • 16:06 – Strained Mafia Smiles
  • 20:05 – Straight Outta Clacton
  • 23:55 – Five Years
  • 29:11 – Other Lovers
  • 32:48 – Strobe On Torso
  • 38:20 – I Disown My Country
  • 42:41 – True Love 

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  1. “Straight Outta Clacton” and “Five Years” are pretty good songs. The lady singer needs a little work on the vocals. But her delivery is also kinda charming, in a way.

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