Erk Pod 421 – Erk Visits Ground Zero

WTC NYPD Memorial[bq_left]Erk Pod 421 – Erk Visits Ground Zero[/bq_left]










Welcome to episode 421 of Erk Pod (despite what Erk might say in the episode audio). Continuing his epic trip across America, Erk is in New York City. It is his second trip to New York City (the first was in 2009) and Erk visits the World Trade Centre site. Unlike the 2009 visit, the 2013 visit to Ground Zero is looking a lot less like a construction site. You can now see signs of rebuilding which was not visible in 2009. If you are in New York, take some time out to do a tour of the site, visit the 9/11 Memorial & have a look around the visitor centre. Part of the tour is led by a volunteer connected somehow to 9/11.

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