Erk Pod 416 – Waiting At The Acme El Gateo!

MEX TV[bq_left]Erk Pod 416 – Waiting At The Acme El Gateo![/bq_left]









Welcome to episode 416 of Erk Pod (despite what Erk might say in the episode audio). Continuing his epic trip across America, Erk headed into Mexico. After an interesting few days south of the border in Mexico, Erk is waiting at the Mexico City International Airport to fly back to America. Waiting to board the plane, there were communications issues which led Erk to lodge a complaint with the airline concerned in order to hopefully improve the boarding process. Mexico was interesting but Erk was so glad to be heading back to the US! 




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  1. When I went to Chicago in 2011, security said it was fine for my iPad to go thru the scanner. It probably matters more if there’s a mechanical hard drive inside the device, and an iPad uses solid-state memory, so no worries.

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