Erk Pod 406 – Cruising The Dial In Louisiana!

Day 10 Convertible Erk NOLA[bq_left]Erk Pod 406 – Cruising The Dial In Louisiana![/bq_left]









Welcome to episode 406 of Erk Pod (despite what Erk might say during the episode). Erk has wheels! He hopped in a Chrysler & it’s as big as a whale & he is about to set sail!


Deciding to get out of New Orleans, Erk hires a car (achievement unlocked – a nice upgrade!) and points it north into a rural area of Louisiana to visit Ms Paramedic. On the way, he cruises the dial of American radio to sample what people who don’t listen to podcasts are listening to. If that’s not enough, there’s some road trip singing by Erk (sorry!)


The episode finishes with more audio from Erk’s New Orleans tour.  

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