Erk FM: Australia 338 – Welcome Back To The SGC!

Ferry Sydney Harbour[bq_left]Erk FM: Australia 338 – Welcome Back To The SGC![/bq_left]









Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 338. Erk likes it when PR companies help to make creating a playlist really easily. On this episode, Erk features some artists who have been on Erk FM: Australia before with new music to promote. It is also good when the PR company lets Erk know about a band in his home city that he had no idea existed! Now that Erk knows they exist,  you will also know they exist because you are listening.


During the week, Erk received a couple of song requests & did not want to say no! He also snuck some metal onto the show but it is very relevant to the song prior!


All music supplied by  SGC Media & the artists directly.


Song list (all times approximate):

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