Erk FM: Metal Monday 80 – Opening For Cradle Of Filth …?

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Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 80. For something a little different this week, there are several bands who are competing for an opening spot to support Cradle Of Filth. I saw what a similar opportunity meant to Tensions Arise in 2012 when they supported Jeffery Nothing & hed PE in Sydney. Rather than me voting for bands (as suggested by several of the bands I follow online), I thought that I would instead showcase those who I have played on Erk FM: Metal Monday.


There are spots available for shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth (Fremantle). The city that each band are competing to play in are shown below. The music comes from the voting app on Facebook – Erk FM: Metal Monday has featured all of these bands before. Song names in many instances are not known to Erk so there will be no song listings this week. Bands are featured in the order they appear on the voting app.


Votes close on Sunday 21 April at midnight Sydney time & there are ticket giveaways for fans who vote. So how do you vote? Voting is via Facebook – bands involved will provide you with a link on their respective websites.


Band list (all times approximate):


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