Erk FM: International 333 – On The Road Past The Point Of No Return

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Welcome to episode 333 of Erk FM: International. Erk is back from his trip to the US & his cruise on 70000 Tons Of Metal. Back in the studio after spending March on trip related content, here is a small sample of music that Erk got to see live on the trip. Of course, if Erk did not have a metal podcast, this episode could be filled with metal. But because he does have a metal podcast, most of that metal will not be heard here but on Erk FM: Metal Monday.


An early highlight of Erk’s trip was to New Orleans, arguably the jazz capital of the world. Regardless of if you are on world famous (or infamous?) Bourbon Street, Frenchman Street or one of the many side streets in the French Quarter, there is always plenty of music to catch up with.


The first band Erk caught, he found playing in one of many clubs on Frenchman Street. Dominck Grillo & The Frenchmen St All Stars are aptly named as a result. The second band on the episode were one of many quality buskers that Erk found in & around Bourbon Street. While they might have been busking at the time, it is a good way to practice, expose themselves to new audiences, earn some extra coin & also sell some CDs. This is exactly what Erk found with The Smoking Jazz Club. Unfortunately, Erk could not find a website for either band.


The next stop on this episode (but not on Erk’s real life travel plans) was New York. While Erk was cruising around the New York subway, he met another person busking, Arlethia. Grabbing a quick chat in between songs, the subway crowds won’t wait for me to stop talking, they will be walking.


From 70000 Tons Of Metal, Erk features a couple of bands that he saw both on the boat & on dry land.


Song list (all times approximate):

  • 01:23 I’m Walking (?) – Dominck Grillo & The Frenchmen St All Stars (direct)
  • 05:03 Song 2 – Dominck Grillo & The Frenchmen St All Stars (direct)
  • 08:23 Panama – The Smoking Jazz Club (direct)
  • 12:52 Georgia Swing – The Smoking Jazz Club (direct)
  • 20:40 Go To The Rock – Arlethia (direct)
  • 25:35 One Day At A Time – Arlethia (direct)
  • 37:42 MMXII – Subway To Sally (via 70000 Tons Of Metal)
  • 43:25 Stand Up & Fight – Turisas (via 70000 Tons Of Metal)
  • 48:48 Raise Your Fist – Doro (via 70000 Tons Of Metal)
  • 52:33 Victory – Doro (via 70000 Tons Of Metal)

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