Erk Pod 388 – Audiobooing Across America (New Orleans – Washington DC, Part 2)

Day 13 Erk DC Metro[bq_left]Erk Pod 388 – Audiobooing Across America (New Orleans – Washington DC, Part 2)[/bq_left]








Welcome to episode 388 of Erk Pod. Erk is now back from his trip to America & Mexico from mid January to the end of February. During this trip, he recorded Erk Pod content but unlike previous years, he did not edit and release Erk Pod episodes on location.


For those following along on Twitter and Facebook, however, there was another way that Erk enabled you to hear what was going on fairly close to real time. Using an iPhone/iPad application called Audioboo, Erk recorded short snippets (up to 5 minutes in duration) from various locations & then uploaded them to the interweb as time/interweb permitted.


The first few episodes (including this episode) after Erk’s return are the Audioboo messages put together. After all of the Audioboo messages have been put together, regular Erk Pod episodes from on location give more detail & different content to the Audioboo messages.


This episode commences following Erk from New Orleans & continues north to Washington DC. As the train moved away from New Orleans & headed north, the weather got colder. Also, Erk was closer to his destination but in a strange way was also further away from his destination at the same time. This was the most direct rail route that Erk could take due to a line being closed between New Orleans & Orlando due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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