Erk Pod 386 – Hello 2013!

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Welcome to Erk Pod episode 386. This is the first episode for 2013 recorded in the studio just before Erk heads off to the US. Erk will be recording Erk Pod content while in the US but will not be editing or releasing the content until he returns to Australia at the end of February.


There’s also been fires & a little sadness but Erk is very much looking forward to 2013!

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  1. It’s kinda funny that you’ll have to fly SFO-LAX-SBP. I know that at least sometimes, there are SFO-SBP flights. But they’re not as frequent as the SBP-LAX connections. (Srsly, we’ll have to watch for your plane flying over SLO as you go SFO-LAX and see if we cam get a picture of it.) If I could drive (or Jen could handle urban driving), we’d just come and pick you up in San Francisco. And too bad about the frequent flyer miles. But most of the flights in/out of SBP are handles by United. I think the airport is only servicing two carriers right now as it is.

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