Erk Pod 383 – Plane Spotting & People Watching At Melbourne Airport

[bq_left]Erk Pod 383 – Plane Spotting & People Watching At Melbourne Airport[/bq_left]








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Welcome to episode 383 of Erk Pod. Erk is preparing to leave Melbourne & is at Melbourne Airport. In what is turning into a tradition when Erk visits Melbourne, his final podcast in Victoria is from the airport.


There’s been a lot of construction work that is underway & a lot of changes since Erk’s last visit (and podcast) from the airport. 

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  1. All SLO airport has inside the terminal is a couple vending machines. There is a small coffee shop/snack bar inside the airport before the terminal, but if you buy anything there, you pretty much have to finish it before going thru security.

    And a Pepsi machine without Pepsi? Get it together, Melbourne!

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