Erk Pod 377 – Erk’s Back … And He Is Going Again!

[bq_left]Erk Pod 377 – Erk’s Back … And He Is Going Again![/bq_left]






Photo – Erk’s spa got a little out of control!




Welcome to episode 377 of Erk Pod, recorded in the middle of October 2012. The last episode (Erk Pod 366) was recorded way back in July 2012. So what has Erk been doing?


As it turns out, Erk has been busy setting up another podcast (Erk To The Diary Room), been working at his place of employment & is about to head on a music festival tour along the east coast of Australia not long after this episode was recorded.


This episode was recorded in Erk’s car using a new application on his iPhone – Bossjock Studio.


Music: La Di Da by Stellar Addiction, recorded live by Erk at Sydney Livehouse.

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