Erk FM: Australia 290 – Norockvember Week 1

[bq_left]Erk FM: Australia 290 – Norockvember Week 1[/bq_left]






Photo – Erk was very naughty in Melbourne! As soon as he arrived at Melbourne Airport for the Whiplash Festival, he was told not to do something but he did it anyway!







Welcome to episode 290 of Erk FM: Australia. After a great Rocktober, redressing the balance is Norockvember. Erk has just returned from the Whiplash tour and surprisingly, found a perfect fit for Norockvember for next week’s episode. But in the meantime, Erk has some interesting non-rock for you to open the month. There’s not a lot of talking as Erk is recovering from pink eye among other things!


Music supplied by Radio Submit.


Song list:

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