Erk FM: Australia 280 – Fronzapolooza!

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Welcome to episode 280 of Erk FM: Australia. 100 episodes ago, Erk was in London celebrating meeting up with members of the Association of Music Podcasting for an epic episode 180. On this episode, Erk is celebrating for another reason – frequent contributor Fronz Arp has just released his 20th song for 2012 as a part of his Fronz Arp Is A Crooked Little Orchestra project. Unlike his last album, this time he is releasing a song as soon as it is ready rather than making you wait for an EP or album.


Also included in this episode are interview snippets from the interview by Erk on Erk FM episode 190.


Song list:

  • On My Side
  • Technology (Is Keeping Us Apart)
  • Traffic
  • The Light Keeps Burning Out Too Soon
  • The Crooked Shadows
  • Won’t Back Down (Reckless) – featuring Emma Dean
  • Now I’m Really Alive
  • Sex With Strangers
  • Gravity (What It Feels Like)
  • You’ve Changed
  • Mind Games
  • 33
  • Never Let Me Go
  • Rails
  • The Edge Of The World
  • Magnolia
  • More For A Woman To Lose (Discarded Wives)
  • Did You Think Your Love Would Hide You
  • Fire
  • Just Because You Want It All
  • Violet The Killjoy

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