Erk FM: International 277 – London, London, London

[bq_left]Erk FM: International 277 – London, London, London[/bq_left]






Photo – One thing that Erk enjoyed doing in London was catching buses – but why is Canada Water in London?







Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 277. There is a range of styles on this episode but why is Erk playing the same song three times in a row and 2 ukulele songs? Then again, why does Erk do anything that he does? The aim is to bring you great music every week and this week is no exception!


Music supplied by the artists directly, Musik & Film, Deuce Management & Promotion, Ambicon Records , AirPlay Direct & Prescription PR.


Song list:

  • Welcome – Elina Englezou (AirPlay Direct)
  • Just Wanna Play (My Ukulele) – The Ukuleles (Prescription PR)
  • Over The Rainbow – The Ukuleles (Prescription PR)
  • London (Original) – Candy Rose (Deuce Management & Promotion)
  • London (Acoustic) – Candy Rose (Deuce Management & Promotion)
  • London (Klubjumpers Mix) – Candy Rose (Deuce Management & Promotion)
  • Falling From Grace – Plamen (Deuce Management & Promotion)
  • By My Side – Plamen (Deuce Management & Promotion)
  • Losing You – Gibson (direct)
  • Tell Me – Gibson (direct)
  • The Middle – Matthew Davidson (Musik & Film)
  • Capsule – Memomena (Prescription PR)
  • You Couldn’t Have Been More Right – Annie (Ambicon Records)
  • How Deep Is Your Love – JKELL (Musik & Film)
  • Breathe – Violent Faith (direct)
  • Hear Me Out  – Elina Englezou (AirPlay Direct)


  1. A similar version of “Over The Rainbow” (done by another artist) is used in every TV show as the soundtrack for when someone dies.

    And I think the third version of “London” is the best.

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