Blast From The Past 14 – Movies

Sit back and relax while Erk & Judy take you down memory lane and take you down memory lane to the movies. Hear what Judy got up to while the movies were on, Drive In movies, modern alternatives to movies and a lot more.


MUSIC: The Actress – The Michael E Thomas Band


  1. I grew up in a town with a drive-in movie theater. Over time, it became one of the last drive-in’s standing. I have no idea if it’s still there now, though.

    But we do have a working drive-in here in San Luis. And they run a flea market (swap meet) there on weekends.

  2. Even though I’m in Australia now, I grew up in England and my experiences of the pictures (flicks) was very similar to Judy’s. We had a Saturday morning matinee just for us kids. A couple of cartoons first, usually Roadrunner and Woody Woodpecker followed by a weekly serial. This was very often a Zorro story. After that the Pathe news and the intermission. The usherette used to come around with a large cold box and sell us ice cream sundaes or slices of ice cream which we had to unwrap and put in between the two wafers for ourselves. I used to make one last by licking around and around the outside edge! Then it was back to the main movie. Often a black and white adventure film, probably an B movie. On special occasions we had colour films made by the Childrens Film Foundation in England. Oh boy, Judy’s reminiscenses really took me back in time. Bye for now. Jennymaid.

  3. I’ve never heard of a “milk bar”. Also, haven’t heard the word “Canoodlin'” in a long time either.

    I used to work at a little movie theater when I was about seventeen. But, it was nowhere near as exciting or interesting as the stories you told about “the pictures”. Great episode!

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