Blast From The Past 7 – Elephants

Welcome to episode 7 of Blast From The Past podcast. On this episode, Judy talks about her obsession with elephants. And she isn’t exaggerating, folks! Erk listens (sort of).


MUSIC: Pink Elephant by Jay Della Valle courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.


Podcast Shoutout: Cherie Cast with Cherie and Todd.

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  1. Wow, does Judy know a lot about elephants! This was a really fun show to listen to.

    I think I can understand your “obsession” with elephants, Judy, because I collect things myself. Only instead of elephants, I collect cows and pigs. Oh, and salt and pepper shakers, (but not necessarily of cows or pigs, though I have some of those too). Maybe I will send you some pictures of my collections sometime.

    Great elephant noise! It made me smile.

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