Blast From The Past 3 – Trains

Welcome to episode 3 of Blast From The Past podcast. In this episode, Judy tells us about her experiences on trains. This leads in perfectly to episode 4 where Erk talks a little about his 15 years on the railway.


MUSIC: “This Train Won’t Run” – Jerry Lee Surber



  1. Congratulations to Erk for making it to 15 years as a train driver! Another good episode. Enjoyed hearing Judy’s memories of her train travels. I grew up (and lived most of my life) in the Chicago area. There is a series of commuter trains that run in/out of the city every day. My first experience on a train was probably riding one of those commuter trains. Those trains aren’t very fancy, but they’re comfortable enough for the relatively shurt trips you have to use them for. Here in central California, all we have are Amtrak trains, and those are more for long-distance travel than anything else. You can, however, take the train up to the next town from here, if you want. Takes an hour for some reason to get there, though.

  2. How fun you guys–when you said the word pufferbelly it reminded me of a “round” we used to sing in choir for a voice warm-up, but I wonder if I realized that a pufferbelly was a train. I love listening to your wonderful accents and now Erk I know how to pronounce your name.

  3. Congrats on 15 years driving trains, Erk! I’ve never held a job even half that long. Clearly, you are more focused than I am.

    Great story about your first train ride, Judy. I really enjoyed listening to that. Sounds like you had fun.

    I always love hearing the stories about the trains, and the poetry you share is wonderful! Great show, you two!

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