Erk To The Diary Room 04 – Trains Trains Trains

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Welcome to episode 04 of Erk To The Diary Room. Erk had intended to talk about a different selection of shows but an incident at his day job (a Sydney train driver) made Erk decide to talk about a series of train documentaries either available for viewing more commonly on DVD or as TV series.


Erk purchased on DVD a series produced in London about the London Underground called The Tube. Originally produced and aired in the UK between 2003 & 2006, it gives viewers behind the scenes access to operations on the underground. This was an ITV/Sky TV production. In 2012, there is a new season which in the UK is also called The Tube, this time produced and airing on the BBC. Erk has been watching this series on Foxtel’s BBC Knowledge.


In addition, Erk has purchased several DVDs produced from a driver’s eye point of view featuring trains on the London Underground, the Eurostar & TGV trains in France. These DVDs were purchased at the Australian Railway Historical Society bookstore in Sydney at Central station – Erk could spend SO much money there!


Also during this episode, Erk speaks about a DVD set he purchased in Australia called Extreme Trains. Originally aired on the History Channel in the US, Erk is unaware of it being aired in Australia on TV.  [More info]


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