Erk FM special from the US – Sez G interview

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Photo – Erk’s first music interview went really well – it was a nice evening.





Greetings from San Francisco! Here is an interview that I had with Sez G whose music I played during episode 7 of Erk FM. This episode comes from my talk podcast Erk Pod and is currently not in the Erk FM feed. Highlights from this interview may appear when Erk returns to Australia. You can play or download the interview from this page.


If you are a band or musician that has been featured on Erk FM that would like to be interviewed by me and are located out of California in the contiential US, please email and I will see what we can do.


This episode consists of an interview with musician/singer/songwriter Sez G. Erk played Sez’s music on Erk FM and met up when in San Francisco. This is Erk’s first interview of someone as a direct result of Erk FM.


During this interview, we talk about music, podcasts, promotion and a lot more. After the interview we talk a bit about Erk’s current location, San Francisco.


At the end of the episode, Erk plays Sez’s song “Putting On My Catsuit”.


For more about Sez, go to


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