Erk FM 12 – Americana I

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Photo – Some stages are easier than others for drummer photos.




Welcome to episode 12 of Erk FM. By the time this episode is published, Erk will be arriving in America for the first time. So to celebrate, this episode of Erk FM has the theme of “Americana” from the Podsafe Music Network as will episode 14, 16 & 18.


Over the next 2 months, Erk will be in America, Canadia and Mexico. During this time, Erk FM episodes have been pre-produced and will still be released weekly. If there is a reason to produce a special episode (for instance an interview with an artist), that will be inserted as a special edition.


If you would like to keep up to date with what Erk is doing while he is overseas in close to real time, keep an eye on his talk podcast Erk Pod and his outdoor/mobile podcast Echo Romeo Kilo.


As a bonus, episode 13 (non Americana) will be released mid next week followed by episode 14 (part 2 of the Americana series) at the end of next week.


Song list:

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