Erk FM: International 259 – Erk Alert! Look Out New Zealand!

[bq_left]Erk FM: International 259 – Erk Alert! Look Out New Zealand![/bq_left]






Photo – Can Erk be the employee of the month if he isn’t in the country?



Welcome to episode 259 of Erk FM: International. As this episode is due for release, Erk would have been in New Zealand for the first time. So to celebrate, Erk features some Kiwi music that he has featured before on Erk FM. Music supplied by the aritsts directly & AirPlay Direct.


Song list:

  • Sleep – James Kahu (direct)
  • Surf Love Drunk – James Kahu (direct)
  • Go – AMMP (AirPlay Direct)
  • Ironman – AMMP (AirPlay Direct)
  • World Of Make Believe – Fuser (AirPlay Direct)
  • Head Up In The Cloud – Fuser (AirPlay Direct)
  • Momentum – As U R (AirPlay Direct)
  • Let’s Not Forget The Air – As U R (AirPlay Direct)
  • Coffee & Cigarettes – Scene (AirPlay Direct)
  • Nature Child – Scene (AirPlay Direct)
  • Back To Life – Scene (AirPlay Direct)
  • Jaded – Heathen Eyes (direct)
  • Leech – Heathen Eyes (direct)

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