Erk FM: Australia 260 – Paul Kelly A – Z Recordings (Week 1)

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Welcome to episode 260 of Erk FM: Australia. This week, Erk starts an A – Z of Australian artist Paul Kelly. Paul has been on the Australian music scene for many years & was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame several years ago. This A – Z collection is a part of a new multimedia offering from an artist who is trying to keep up with current ways of consuming music & other media.


Music supplied by AirPlay Direct.


Song list:

  • Anastasia Changes Her Mind
  • Big Fine Girl
  • Cities Of Texas
  • Don’t Explain
  • Dumb Things
  • Everybody Wants To Touch Me
  • (The) Foggy Field Of France
  • (The) Gift That Keeps On Giving
  • How To Make Gravy
  • I Won’t Be Your Dog
  • Jump To Love
  • King Of Fools

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