Erk FM: Australia 258 – Handballing With Your Kang Out

[bq_left]Erk FM: Australia 258 – Handballing With Your Kang Out[/bq_left]






Photo – Kang are joined on stage by Handball Deathmatch’s trombone player for Hotel California.



Welcome to episode 258 of Erk FM: Australia. The episode commences with bands that Erk has seen live lately, a new song from Fronz Arp, another song from Strangejuice & then some bands who may or may not be together any more. Erk will tell you about the strangest band warm-up ever! Erk thinks that it is important to get bands to play well together but didn’t have what he saw at the Kang gig in mind!


Music supplied directly by the artists directly & AirPlay Direct.


Song list:

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