Echo 37 – Mr Shed (part 1)

Welcome to episode 37 of Echo. This recording was originally of an episode of Hyper Nonsense (episode 133) that was recorded while Erk was at work as Mr Shed. Erk joins Hyper Nonsense host Shawno for an afternoon at work (Erk) and an evening of podcasting (Shawno). The large episode of Hyper Nonsense concludes with Echo 38.

The episode is unedited to show you how it was recorded on the day. This episode actually predates Echo. If you have heard Erk on Hyper Nonsense, you may have heard this episode but this is the first time it has been available on an Erk feed.

During the episode, Erk and Shawno talk about trains (of course) and a lot lot more over an episode that goes close to 2 hours. Erk is at work and work has to come first but due to the wonders of technology, you can actually hear what is going on. Shawno did the recording and Erk was using his mobile phone with Skype. Hands free was used when required.


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Duration: 62 minutes

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