Echo 30 (final daily episode)

Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 30. Final daily episode for NaPodPoMo. Yay Erk!

Welcome to the final daily episode of Echo Romeo Kilo One One.

The final daily episode for NaPodPoMo as far as Erk is concerned! And to finish off these daily episodes, Erk goes out in style and has a chat with Shawno and Jen from Inside My Nonsense Shawnogram (ok, you know Shawno and Jen and their shows by now right, folks!). After chatting with Shawno and Jen about a range of topics (as usual!), Erk gets a bit soppy and thanks everyone to conclude the daily Echo Romeo Kilo One One. Echo will be back in a weekly outdoor format. Subscribe to the Echo feed via iTunes or

And with that, boys and girls, sees me on the podium spraying champagne (ok, ok, sparkling white wine!) everywhere celebrating the end of the war against Nannapoopoo! I’m sure the rest of the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team will be joining me here soon on day 30 of NaPodPoMo!


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Duration: 40 minutes

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  1. Erk, You did a great job with your daily shows, Really enjoyed them and im glad to see that they are continuting on threw out the days/weeks/months/years/ and i like the theme you picked for the new website 🙂

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