Erk FM: International 237 – True Grit (including the hip hop?)

[bq_left]Erk FM: International 237 – True Grit (including the hip hop?)[/bq_left]






Photo – One way to feel like one is in New York City is to see NYPD police cars, especially here outside the shopfront police station at Times Square.


Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 237. As always, Erk FM survives through artists and agencies supplying Erk FM with music. It is even better when the suppliers listen to the episodes & try to fit the format of the show. It is even even better when the suppliers are able to supply Erk enough music from different artists to fill a complete episode.


When this submission was received, Erk was asked if he wanted hip hop artists included in the submission – after all, Erk has said that he is not a big fan of the hip hop. Despite that, Erk said “bring the hip hop on” and on this episode, the hip hop has been brought on.


Music supplied by Grit PR.


Song list:

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