Erk Pod 187 – Erk on Strange Love Live After Hours (SLL 97)

Erk is a guest on Strange Love Live with Cami Kaos (@camikaos on Twitter) & Dr Normal (@drnormal on Twitter) in the Strange Love Live studio. Following on from the Tech Edition (Erk Pod 187/Strange Love Live 96), there is lots of fun in the studio. Erk brings along a bag of tricks and you’ll just have to listen/watch and enjoy.

After Hours is a lot freer content and participation wise and the tech or (sometimes) even the guest isn’t the main focus.

There is also video of the episode that you can watch by clicking here. This episode also saw the introduction of a user created Wiki for show notes which you can contribute to live (Strange Love Live is streamed live, Friday 10pm PST). See the wiki here.

Audio & Video courtesy of Dr Normal.



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Episode Info

Duration: 69 minutes

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1 Comment

  1. I remember watching this show, live, from the chat room. Very fun! Also nice to listen to again.

    I think I’m gonna have to try this “Vegemite” you speak of, someday. Maybe the next time you come visit, Erk. 🙂

    “Erk’s Bag of Tricks” lol!
    “My bunny is about 12 inches long.” LOL!!

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