Erk FM: International 239 – Do You Want To Play Repeat?

[bq_left]Erk FM: International 239 – Do You Want To Play Repeat?[/bq_left]





Photo – Erk points out the obvious? Erk has arrived at Sydney’s International Airport train station before heading out for his 2011 trip to Asia & Europe.



Welcome to episode 239 of Erk FM: International. There’s a wide range of music on this episode from a wide range of music suppliers. Without music suppliers, agencies etc, Erk would need to rely purely on artist submissions. Speaking of artist submissions, Erk is always glad when artists who have appeared on Erk FM before remember Erk when they release a new piece of music. There’s so set theme of this episode but Erk is sure you’ll enjoy it!


Music supplied by the artists directly, Deuce Management & Promotion, Criminal Records & Manilla PR


Song list:

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