Erk Pod 183 – Erk Gets Naughty

Welcome to episode 183 of Erk Pod. This podcasts contains two guys called Eric for the price of one.

Erk is in Reno NV and met up with Eric in San Francisco. Eric is the host of the Let’s Get Naughty podcast which takes a humourous look at sex. During the show, we talk about Let’s Get Naughty, Eric talking to pron stars, Second Life, podcasting, Eric’s music and a lot more in a wide ranging interview. We also talk about San Francisco.

Find Let’s Get Naughty with Eric and Lisa (Eric’s wife) at

At the end of the show, we feature Erk’s favourite song of Eric’s called “I’ve Got A Guitar and I Know How To Use It.” To listen to more of Eric’s music, click here. Also courtesy of Eric, you can get a free song here and/or a US $3 discount on his latest album by clicking here and using discount code H36T5YRB.

Thank you Eric for recording and producing the episode.



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Episode Info

Duration: 100 minutes

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  1. Great interview! I had not heard of the Let’s Get Naughty podcast before I listened to this show. Sounds interesting, and it’s nice to know it’s not just pron or one of those shows that gets overly clinical about sex, and therefore, becomes boring.

    I really liked the song at the end of this show, too. 🙂

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