Erk Pod 180 – Postcard From Monterey

This episode starts with Erk saying goodbye to Shawno & Jen from Hyper Nonsense. Erk Pod episode 179 was also Hyper Nonsense 149. Due to the length of the show and that many listeners listen to both Hyper Nonsense & Erk Pod, it will not appear on the Channel Erk Combined Feed or the Erk Pod feed. You can download it or listen to it via the website.

Next stop on my tour was Monterey in Central California. My hosts were David and Talli. David hosts the Millionaire or Bust podcast and Talli hosts the Being Healthy For Busy People podcast.

We talk about their podcasts and also about Erk’s stay in Monterey. Normally on their shows, David & Talli are focused on their topics at hand so this episode of Erk Pod will feature them talking more like they were during the 2 days I spent with them compared to their usually tight shows.

And finally, you’ll hear my mum who hosts Blast From The Past with me. Trucker Tom featured a snippet from Blast that featured my mum talking about cars in Blast episode 10. This was on episode 1043 of Trucker Tom’s podcast.

My next stop is San Francisco.



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Duration: 80 minutes

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  1. Good to hear from and learn a little more about David and Talli, Erk. Also good to hear that you got a chance to visit the Monterey Aquarium. That place is cool.

  2. I’ve been a long ways back, but I finally got a chance to listen to this episode with Talli. Nice thing about waiting awhile to listen is that it wasn’t as fresh in our minds. Made it more fun. We loved having you here, Erk! Looking forward to following your trip around North America.

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