Erk Pod 179/Hyper Nonsense 149 – Accepted By Christ

This is an episode of Hyper Nonsense that was recorded with Shawno and Jen. It turns into an epic episode – LONGEST. HYPER NONSENSE. EPISODE. EVER! And we could have kept going!

During the episode, Shawno asks Erk about his trip so far and we also discuss some wacky news. Due to the length of the show and the fact that many Hyper Nonsense listeners also listen to Erk Pod, I will not be putting this show into the Erk Pod or Channel Erk combined feeds. You can either play it here on from this post or download it from here. Thank you to Shawno for the audio-o!



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Episode Info

Duration: 179 minutes

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  1. Loved it!! I have VZ navigator built into my phone, I have no idea if it works in Canada tho!! I think your situation is different tho….now I sound dumb GREAT! Tell your mom I said she’s cool!

  2. great episodes….
    the space time continuim survived….
    Did you try the “Daytona” ssecret BBQ sauce at Hooters?
    According to Rob, one must partake of the gurmet of “Jack in the Box” while one visits the wrong coast.

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