Erk Pod 359 – Erk Awaits A Green Light….

[bq_left]Erk Pod 359 – Erk Awaits A Green Light….[/bq_left]




Photo – One of the many things Erk has done during his extended health vacation from his place of employment is to ramp up his involvement in the local music scene, including introducing a band from New Zealand to the scene. Erk waits here (ultimately without success) at Sydney Airport.






Welcome to episode 359 of Erk Pod, recorded in Erk’s car. In the opening half of the episode, he is on his way to the Sleep Doctor to see if he can go back to his day job. He also talks about road safety, music, cover versions of songs & more. Find out what happens after the doctor visit in the second half of the episode.


Thank you to Ian from Canadia for his feedback which now enables you to get your Channel Erk episodes faster!



Music played on this episode is by western Sydney metal band Not Another Sequel Just Another Prequel (aka NASJAP). Songs played in full are 8 Bit Superhero & What Is Love. Other tracks played in part or as background music from their debut album The Trilogy volume 4. Music used with permission.

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