Erk Pod 172 – Caller Caller Caller

NOTE – Erk had major uploading FAIL. “Erk Pod 172D (reloaded)” at the start of the file in iTunes is the latest (and hopefully last) uploaded. If you do not have 172D, there will be FAIL! Erk apologies for any inconvenience caused but it was beyond his control.

Welcome to episode 172 of Erk Pod. Drue found the cause of the noise that was bad, especially during Skype calls. So to celebrate, we decide to have our first guests for 2009.

Guest – Grizzly from the Grizzly’s Growls podcast

Guest – Erk Pod regular guest panelist Squeak and host of NaPodPoMo 2008 podcast “A Podcast For November.” Check out Squeak’s Geocaching blog.

  • Erk’s PayPal FAIL
  • Is Squeak going to produce another podcast?
  • “Once you go Mac, you can’t come back!”

Guest – Brent, co-host of Tech Wired Australia

  • Update on the New Zealand and Australian Parliaments and their respective upcoming changes to censorship
  • This Week in Audible
  • Brent gets Erked

Then Erk and Drue talk about:

  • What people complain about (and try to get away with) while in apartments/units
  • Erk having a horse in his backyard
  • Another bell!
  • Bunny muted because we had visitors
  • Feedback from Shawno and Jen (Hyper Nonsense, Shawnogram, Inside My Head) about episode 171
  • Erk tries Spanish
  • Challenge for Jen
  • Goodnight, interweb!



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Episode Info

Duration: 68 minutes

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  1. Wow. Epic bell you’ve got there, Erk. Good to hear your impromptu guests. I love it when podcasts do that! Can’t believe what some of those people were doing in their apartments. That’s crazy.

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