Erk Pod 168 – Back In the Saddle.

Welcome back to Erk Pod for the first episode in 2009. Join Erk and Drue as we catch up after an epic Round Table 12, Xmas and New Year.

In this episode:

  • This episode is the first episode of Erk Pod for 2009.
  • Short Round Table 12 review.
  • Erk and Drue review their Xmas and New Years Eve.
  • Carbon neutral NYE in Sydney? O L R Y?
  • The train service on NYE/NYD was good. O L R Y?
  • Where did Drue almost spend midnight NYE for 2 years in a row?
  • Erk announces his planned OS trip to the US, Canadia and Mexico
  • Erk has a homeless guy story
  • Drue has a flaming car story
  • Did Erk do an insurance job?
  • Drue jail broke his iPhone
  • Erk & Drue are taking part in Twitter 365, a photo a day for a year. [Drue’s Twitter 365] [Erk’s Twitter 365]
  • New speed camera near Erk’s house
  • Speed camera/school zone discussion
  • 84 year old woman gets banned from driving until the year 3000
  • Road safety, street racing discussion
  • What are the powers that be going to do about drivers who break road rules by street racing? Crushing into a cube? Confiscation? Give the car to the cops?
  • Hotel lock out discussion
  • Promo: Grizzly’s Growls
  • Hot days in Sydney
  • Erk couldn’t remember what he was going to talk about. After we finished recording, Erk remembered that it was about people talking on mobile phones in retail
  • Goodnight, interweb!



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Duration: 68 minutes

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  1. The movie you’re thinking of (where the cops go under cover to infiltrate car gangs) is The Fast and the Furious.

    I’m not sure about 24hr school zones in SA. When I was there recently I thought I saw school zone signs that said “25 when children present” – which to me makes much more sense (might have been SA, or VIC, or both… Need to do more research), but they’d never do that here in NSW because we have school zone speed cameras that are linked to the fixed operational times of our school zones.

    BJ the Research Guy[TM]

  2. Hey guys, I was listening and thought that bunny made a good effort at a Brazilian accent early in the show. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial arts/dance form. Never thought bunny would try accents. You think she’ll start trying impersonations next? You know, to get ready in case Erk takes her to Hollywood on his trip to the U.S. 🙂

    Drue, sorry to hear about the fire. Lucky it didn’t burn up your apartment though. Could have been wosre.

    Here’s a question for Erk. You were talking about religion class? DId you go to a private school? Or do they have religion class in public schools in Australia?

  3. I like to think of Erk/Drue episodes as “Erk Pod Classic” (TM) episodes. Good luck with your overseas trip, Erk. Make sure you let us know once you’ve got things finalized.

  4. Hey Erk – you listen to the “And Time!” podcasts? That’s cool!

    I wouldn’t have thought they’d be much interest to those outside our incestuous little impro world. 😉

    Hoping to do another Skype with you sometime soon – I have been doing a POWER of theatre stuff lately, so when I get a free afternoon, I’d love to hook up for some podcast action.

    One day I’ll start my own podcast… though God knows what it’ll be on.

    Cheers, Natalie.

  5. Hey Erk – I go past 4 School Zones on my way to work (including one right outside my house), so I know how much they suck…but I guess if it means that I potentially avoid having a kid denting my nice shiny car, then I suppose its not too bad. Still, enjoying school holidays at the moment (and taking 10 mins off my daily commute).

  6. The Twitter 365 thing sounds interesting. But, I’m already doing something like that with Envisage 365, and I’m about halfway through it right now, so I won’t be joining in the Twitter one. I’ve been enjoying looking at everyone else’s photos for that, however. The Envisage 365 one started on September 1, 2008, and seems to be a little different than the Twitter version. For one thing, the Envisage 365 one is entirely made up of women. Another difference is that ours is not just a photo of yourself every day, but instead, a photo of whatever you feel best defines your day. So far, I’m having fun with it. But, some days I have no idea what to take a photo of. Other days, the answer is obvious! 😉

    Good luck with your Twitter 365, Erk and Druey. I hope you have fun with it.

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