Erk FM: Special Delta – The Time Has Come (part 4 – final). #mevioluxury

This is the final part of a 4 part blog series where Erk explains the events at the end of January/start of February 2012 which led him to stop recording podcasts for a week. As will become clear while reading, many podcasters were affected. As a bonus & for other reasons to be explained in the blog series, each post will feature an unedited podcast episode from an affected podcaster.


If you missed parts 1 & 2 of this series, check out Erk FM Special episode (Alpha) including episode 210 of the Ourobouros podcast hosted by Colin as well as Erk FM Special episode (Bravo) featuring episode 386 of the PC Podcast hosted by Pete Cogle. Part 3 talks about the rising anger & tension and a rather cool video. Part 3 features episode 506 of the Dark Compass Podcast hosted by Rowley.


In this final part, the featured podcast is episode 196 of The Bugcast hosted by Dave & Caroline.


Finally, Erk can report a conclusion to the events of the end of January 2012 which resulted in Erk needing to change audio hosts, have new subscriptions & stop podcasting for a week. The outage turned out to be a lockout by Erk’s former audio host Mevio.


By the time that the final nail in the Mevio coffin from Erk’s point of view came, Erk knew that he was never going to use the Mevio service again. Many other audio podcasters had already reported being told to “move along people, nothing to see here” and Erk received this email on February 14 – over 2 weeks since the drama started.


The email read:


We apologize for the inconvenience caused when you were unable to access your podcast  account.  We encountered unexpected technical difficulties that necessitated deactivating most account.  Your content is not lost or deleted. 

Mevio has evolved into an online video entertainment network.  During the transition, your account is activated to enable you to download your content for hosting on another site that you choose.  We will also redirect RSS feeds if you utilize this feature.  Please let us know where to redirect the RSS feed. 

At this time, you cannot upload new podcasts.  We have enjoyed working with you and wish you continued success. 

In the future if you are interested in developing short form, brand safe video entertainment, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

The following are the shows Reactivated:-


  • Erk FM: Metal Monday
  • Erk FM: Extra
  • Erk FM (International)
  • Erk FM 9Australia)



Mind you, it had taken over 2 weeks & 2 strongly worded support emails on top of what other podcasters had also sent in. I had stated in a support request that I needed access to the Erk Pod section of the account so I could access older episodes. They had seen that I’ve been more active on the music side of things & only re-activated the music accounts.


After another email, the Erk Pod account has been re-activated so I was able to go back & retrieve the shownotes & MP3 files of all the episodes. I was able to retrieve all the episodes back to Erk Pod episode 25. I was not expecting this – so it is an unexpected bonus.


I have not asked Mevio to re-direct my old feeds. If I can not trust them to keep my account active & keep their podcasting community in the dark for over 2 weeks, do you think I can trust them with my RSS re-direction? No, me neither.


So what is happening now?


The various music shows are continuing. The shows are being produced with several special episodes coming. There are also interviews being planned.


Erk Pod is on hold for a little longer while Judy’s shows remain on hold (her choice, totally unrelated to this issue). Over time, the old show notes for all shows will be in the new format on this website & on the new audio host. The old audio host may still be working but I do not know how long that will last.


This process has taught me a lot about the podcasting community & also it has steeled my resolve to keep going with what I am doing, primarily on the music side. It has been a source of comfort during my recent health issues.


Thank you to everyone who has asked what is going on with the shows and who have showed support in any way. Thank you to all of the podcasters for their support & information and no thank you to Mevio in the end – I had a good run.


Thank you to Colin, Pete, Rowley, Dave & Caroline for raising no objections to using your audio to put in my feed. I hope that some of my listeners also become your listeners – partly the reason I did this series.


Writing has been interesting & soothing  albeit time consuming. I’ll stick to audio and have no desire to go to video or regular blogging.


About the Featured Podcast


Streamed live and also podcasted, The Bugcast has been a long time favourite music podcast of Erk’s. From the South Yorkshire area of England, Erk was lucky enough to be able to podcast & hang out with husband & wife combo Dave & Caroline during his recent trip to the UK. Combining stonking music & some chat, Dave & Caroline are on too early in the morning for Erk so he prefers to listen to the podcast. The featured episode is episode 196. The Bugcast did use Mevio as an audio host but was not directly affected by the recent lockout.

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