Channel Erk Special Announcement Episode – New Subscriptions & New Website #mevioluxury

This special episode gives you an update of what is happening around Channel Erk with the podcasts resuming today (Monday 06 February 2012) commencing with Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 19. If you listen to this via a show subscription for an individual show or the Channel Erk Mega Feed, you will continue to receive regular episodes. See the website for more details. 


On the website & on all subscriptions except Erk FM: Metal Monday, there will be a 4 part special featuring 4 different music podcasts as bonus content this week in addition to normal programming.

Photo: Say hi to 3 awesome front women of rock in Sydney (and that Erk guy). From left, Emma (Smokin Mirrors), that Erk guy, Isy (Hard As Nails) & Erica (Domino). You’ll hear more about them on Erk FM: Australia episode 214 on Friday 10 February 2012.




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