Erk FM: Extra 04 – Domino interview

[bq_left]Erk FM: Extra 04 – Domino interview[/bq_left]






Photo – Domino at their last gig in 2011.  From left there’s Simon (aka Slime), Erica & Denis. Drummer Pete is behind Erica.



This week’s episode is an interview with Sydney rock band Domino. We talk with Erica (vocals), Simon (guitar), Denis (bass) & Pete (drums) about the early days of Domino, cover versions, live shows, plans for 2012 & a lot more. During the interview, you will hear the cover song Toxic City which is a mashup of Toxicity by System of a Down & Toxic by Britney Spears. We also hear a live version of Pirate Man recorded by Erk as well as the EP version of Crusader.


This interview was recorded in person after a rehearsal section. Thanks to Domino for allowing me to sit in on the session!




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