Erk Pod 355 – #bordersecurityfail

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Photo – Erk appears to be trying to sneak back into Australia!



Welcome to episode 355 of Erk Pod. The 2011 holiday started departing Sydney on 06 July 2011 & ended back in Sydney on 23 September 2011.


Because of how much content that Erk recorded for Erk Pod, releasing 1 show a week for some time & giving people 3 weeks without Erk Pod to catch up, the adventure that ended on 23 September 2011 in real time ended on 15 December 2011 in Channel Erk Podcast time.


On this episode, Erk leaves China, passes through Macau, passes through Hong Kong & returns home to Sydney. Erk hopes that you have enjoyed being brought along on the trip (for free!) thanks to the podcast. Erk’s coverage of the trip is (finally!) now complete.


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