Blast From The Past 139 – From Broadway To Woolloomooloo & Beyond…..

Welcome to episode 139 of Blast From The Past.On this episode, Erk & Judy had an interesting couple of days last weekend.On Saturday, we were joined by Scott from Deadman Industries who came into the studio. Along with Judy, we recorded episode 6 of Erk FM: Metal Monday & that was followed by an interview episode of Erk FM (episode 192) where Scott was joined by Foundry Road vocalist eXplain (along with several planes) via Skype.


If that wasn’t enough, on Sunday afternoon we headed out to Broadway & saw Fronz Arp (listen to Fronz’s interview with Erk, Erk FM episode 190) perform at the Landsdowne Hotel. Once we (and by we, Erk means Judy) figured out that it wasn’t at Lansvale near Cabramatta, we listened & enjoyed Fronz’s music. As an unexpected bonus, we also got to have a chat with & hear a song from Tony Dean.


During the set, Erk mentioned that Symon & Allan from Centred Self were due to perform across the other side of the city at Woolloomooloo basically straight after Fronz’s set. After Erk spoke with Symon on Twitter & found that their set was later than expected, Erk & Judy headed across town. Rather than the progressive metal of Centred Self (hear Erk’s interview, Erk FM 174), Symon & Allan were playing a lot quieter with a different style of music, namely His & Her Majesty.


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