Blast From The Past 134 – It’s Pianist Time Again, Erk!

Welcome to episode 134 of Blast From The Past.On this episode, Erk & Judy are back in the studio with no special guests this week. Erk wonders if Rachel’s ears have recovered from the last episode? Erk & Judy don’t have a plan for this episode but they end up talking about Erk going back to work, his hair, jumping around from subject to subject. Erk’s been on Early Mornings & Judy thinks Erk should go to bed.


Anyhoo, this week’s feature artist is a lot mellower than many of the artists on last week’s episode. For the second time on Blast From The Past, our feature artist is Molly Contogeorge. This Sydney based pianist (there’s that word again, Erk!) is just about to launch her new EP, Glasshouse Living. Hopefully, Erk will be able to see Molly live as she launches her EP in a Sydney show shortly. We played Molly’s music last on episode 80 of Blast From The Past & on this episode, we feature tracks from Molly’s new EP.

Song list:

  • Glasshouse Living
  • Lead On, Lead On
  • Lock & Key
  • Why

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