Blast From The Past 133 – eXplaining Never The Bride

Welcome to episode 133 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy are back in the studio together after Erk’s massive trip to Europe. However, there’s no time to talk about the trip this week because there is a visitor to the Channel Erk studio who wants to talk music with us. At the end of the Queen’s Birthday holiday, Erk was banging on via Twitter about how long it was taking him to get out of the local Westiefield carpark at the end of the shopping day.


Today’s visitor from Adelaide tweeted Erk & told him that she would send him a Never The BrideCD to help him during his next traffic jam.True to her word, Rachel did indeed send Erk the CD & Never The Bride have been featured across Channel Erk. During Erk’s recent trip to Europe, Erk was lucky enough to see Never The Bride live & even got invited on stage. It was an awesome night of music.So why is Rachel in town & in the Channel Erk studio? Well, she wants to welcome Erk back to the country after his epic trip.


Part of the welcome back included going to a metal gig (Rachel’s first – she volunteered!) to see a few bands including Foundry Road. During this episode, we talk about Erk’s Never The Bride experience, Rachel’s first metal gig & her reaction as well as some local music that we introduced to her including Foundry RoadAmodusLAB 64Emma DeanFronz ArpKristian Jackson & more.


Question: What does a Foundry Road virgin say after a gig? Answer: WWWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT?


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