Erk FM: Metal Monday 02 – 10/10 at 11

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Photo – Some bands make an effort to co-ordinate their clothing, some other bands have set items of clothing that they wear & others wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Others vary their clothing depending on the conditions.




Welcome to episode 02 of Erk FM: Metal Monday, Erk’s heavy rock/metal music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe, unsigned & independent heavy rock & metal music from across the world. There’s a range of metal styles & locations this week including bands from Australia, the UK, US, Norway, Finland & Denmark. Some of it you might not even think of as metal while you are listening to the introduction but of course, it is often subjective. Your mileage may vary & you might also get a shock between the start and end of the song.


When Erk announced to the world that he was going to start Erk FM: Metal Monday, one of the people who was excited & supportive of Erk was Rowley from the Dark Compass & Dark Compass Metal Show, as he always has been since Erk started being a music podcaster in early 2009. After the announcement, he sent Erk a massive amount of music & each week, Erk is going to present one of them for you. Thanks to Erk, some Aussie metal bands have been played on DCMS and like many podcasters, Erk’s shows & Rowley’s shows complement each other & are not competing.


This week’s episode features bands that most listeners of Erk FM: Metal Monday may not have heard of. Music supplied by Deuce Management & PromotionAirPlay Direct, Diminished Pitch Entertainment & the artists directly.


This week’s introductory voice is Foundry Road‘s drummer, Brad.


Song list:

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