Erk Pod 346 – From Japan With Rub

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Photo – While Erk didn’t have a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this poster that he spotted the way to the railway station was made for him!




Welcome to episode 346 of Erk Pod. On this episode, Erk might have you confused. During this episode, Erk was in Edinburgh, right at the end of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Out of all of the comedians Erk saw that night, the one that made him laugh the most was Japanese comedian Hiroshi Shimizu (follow his English Twitter account @hiroshi_comedy). He would have been a really handy man to know at the start of July when Erk was in Japan!



Hiroshi’s act consists of explaining to us western man (and woman) why Japanese people can have so much problem with the English language. He is fascinated with western culture and would love to perform in Australia. This was his first appearance in Edinburgh and after the night that Erk spoke to him, he went on to perform in other locations across Europe including Berlin before returning home to Japan.


While this was a serious(ish) interview that was held outside a performance area after his show, you will be able to hear elements of the show (for this tour, called “From Japan With Rub”) during the interview. If you have seen the website, you’ll have some idea at some of the problems that Japanese people can have with translating into English.


This will be the last Erk Pod episode to be released on a Monday because from Monday 03 October (next Monday as this episode is being released), Erk launches Erk FM: Metal Monday. Erk is taking a break from Erk Pod episodes but he is safely back in Australia and adjusting to his normal life after the massive vacation. Episodes that have been recorded in Europe & Hong Kong will continue to be released on Wednesdays until all episodes have been released.

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