Erk Pod 334 – Berlin, Walled In No More

[bq_left]Erk Pod 334 – Berlin, Walled In No More[/bq_left]






Photo – At ease, solider! Erk poses at Checkpoint Charlie – a very touristy thing to do! Many people pay to pose with a male & female solider.



Welcome to episode 334 of Erk Pod recorded in Berlin, Germany. On this episode, Erk takes you to some historic sights including Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate & what is remaining of the Berlin Wall. 


Apart from the historical sights, Erk loves the Berlin transit system and goes to the station of Erkner. As soon as Erk found that station on a map, he knew that he had to go there.  


There will be more from Berlin on episode 335 before Erk’s next stop in Hungary. Berlin is such a big city & Erk only just touched the surface of what the city is like.


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