Erk Pod 326 – #ErkQuake11 Special

[bq_left]Erk Pod 326 – #ErkQuake11 Special[/bq_left]





Photo – A Japanese newsreader tells Erk about the Earthquake.



Welcome to episode 326 of Erk Pod. On this out-of-order special episode, Erk was editing episode 324 of Erk Pod (for release on Monday 11 July) on the morning of Sunday July 10.


While in the hotel room, Erk felt the room shake from side to side. After tweeting about it, he was told by various people that there had been an earthquake around 411km to the north-east of Tokyo – well away from Erk.   On this special episode, Erk reflects on the event & features some of the Japanese media coverage. Thanks to Shawno for the official Twitter hashtag & title of this episode, #ErkQuake11.  


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  1. I do understand Japanese and I can tell you that “news report” had nothing to do with the earthquake. It was all a promotional spot for the Nintendo Wii.

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