Blast From The Past 114 – Kilted For Her Pleasure

Welcome to episode 114  of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy have no housekeeping but share the story about an expensive comic book and the couple who did not need to change their names when they got married. Feature artist is musician & podcaster Marc Gunn. Also check out Marc’s podcasts Irish & Celtic Music Podcast & Pub Songs Podcast. All music supplied directly & used with permission.


  • From Jude’s Seat – Did You Know?
  • MUSIC – Kilted For Her Pleasure
  • MUSIC – A Drop of Vulcan Blood
  • From Jude’s Seat – Everybody’s Talking
  • MUSIC – The Maid Went To The Mill
  • MUSIC – Close Your Eyes
  • From Jude’s Seat – Everybody’s Talking
  • MUSIC – St Patrick Never Drank
  • MUSIC – The Widow & The Devil

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  1. I heard that story of the couple with similar names who eventually got married. Jen jumped through a lot of hoops to get her name changed so indeed, these two have saved themselves a lot of trouble. Also, I’m not a fan of the hyphenated last names. I don’t care if people want to keep their pre-married names but the hyphenated thing is silly. Pick a last name and stick with it.

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