Erk FM 142 – Nick Tann interview

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Welcome to episode 142 of Erk FM, Erk’s music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe & independent music from across the world. On today’s interview episode, Erk chats with Nick Tann. Not only is Nick a podcast host (Is This Thing On) and a fellow member of the Association Of Music Podcasting, he is also a singer/songwriter & guitarist (various forms of acoustic & bass). Nick is working on what he called The Vinyl Project which not surprisingly is based on producing a vinyl album.


During the episode, we hear a song from The Vinyl Project called 3AM. As an unexpected bonus, we also hear How Could It Be Wrong. Find out about how easy vinyl is in 2011, how guitars can be useful in the boudoir, what audiences like with guitar playing, catchy ear worms and a lot more. Music obtained directly & played with permission.



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  1. Great interview! I agree with Nick about MySpace. It needs to die, already. Fortunately for all of us, its user base is dropping in numbers every day.

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