A Moment In Time – Chapter 17: Steve’s Struggle

Welcome to Chapter 17 of A Moment In Time – Erk’s debut novel in podcast form.


Steve has had an epic struggle. Everyone who has seen him is very surprised that he is still alive. They have not written him off as a lost cause but he has defied the odds and is not dead. However, he has a lot a fighting to do with a long road of recovery ahead of him. His first goal (if he was able to think logically about it) is to last the night, hour by hour. If he does not hold on, the hard and dirty work of many would have been for nothing.


This is the final chapter of A Moment In Time. Thank you to everyone for listening as well as those people who have purchased the print or e-books. Thank you to the people who have contributed to the project, especially those people that I have based or named characters on. Thank you to Amodus for supplying the theme tune, Negative. (music used with permission).


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