Erk FM 138 – Devo Spice (The FuMP) interview

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Welcome to episode 138 of Erk FM, Erk’s music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe & independent music from across the world. This Tuesday episode sees Erk being joined in the studio by his mum Judy from Blast From The Past & Judy’s Blast FM. This episode features an interview with Devo Spice of The FuMP (The Funny Music Project).  Find out more about the writing process of a comedic songwriter & where Devo has some of his best ideas. On April 1 2011, Devo is releasing a new album called Gnome Sane. If you purchase the album on iTunes on April 1, Devo will send you the physical CD (anywhere in the world) for free.


Devo was originally interviewed by Erk & Judy on episode 54 of Blast From The Past.


Music supplied directly.


Song list:

  • I Hate Mondays
  • Weird Al Didn’t Write This Song

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  1. Great interview! I think it’s cool that all of the dudes in the FuMP collaborate on projects and help each other out. I hope Devo’s new album burns up the iTunes chart on April 1st.

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