Erk FM 195 – Erk FM Earworm Special 2011

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Photo – Sydney rock band Domino feature on this year’s Erk FM earworm special.



Welcome to episode 195 of Erk FM, Erk’s music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe & independent music from across the world. This week’s episode is the first earworm special for 2011. According to Erk, an earworm is a song that you are unable to get out of your head. To qualify as an Erk FM earworm for this show, the songs must have been played on Erk FM in 2011.


Previous earworm specials were episode 44 (2009) as well as episode 83 (1/2010) and episode 126 (2/2010).  Music supplied by Ariel PublicityReckoning EntertainmentSGC MediaFast Break Music & the artists directly.


This episode is the final episode of Erk FM in the current format. From next week, Erk FM splits into three pieces.

  • On Tuesdays (as required), there will be Erk FM: Extra which includes live recordings, interviews & more. There is a separate feed/subscription for this show.
  • On Wednesdays, music from outside Australia features in Erk FM: International. Feed/subscription remains unchanged.
  • On Fridays, Australian music features on Erk FM: Australia. Feed/subscription remains unchanged.


Song list:


  • Episode 130: Girlfriend – Icky’s Ego (Ariel Publicity)
  • Episode 133: Thousand Crow Drive – LAB 64 (direct)
  • Episode 134: Ever-After – LAB 64 (direct)
  • Episode 136: Naked – Me (Reckoning Entertainment)
  • Episode 139: Crazy – Chaingang (direct)
  • Episode 151: Design Desire – Abbe May (SGC Media)
  • Episode 152: Violet The Killjoy – Fronz Arp (direct)
  • Episode 155: Connection – Michael Lee Band (Ariel Publicity)
  • Episode 169: Finally, This Chapter Ended – eXistent (Fast Break Music)
  • Episode 184: Like A Fox – Me (Reckoning Entertainment)
  • Episode 189: Number One – The Vegetarians (Deuce Management & Promotion)
  • Episode 189: Ice Cream – Hard As Nails (direct)
  • Episode 189: Metal La-La-La – NanowaR (Jamendo)
  • Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 01: Lash – Amodus (direct)
  • Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 01: The Masses – Amodus (direct)
  • Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 01: Measure Of Madness – Centred Self (direct)
  • Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 01: Waveform – Centred Self (direct)
  • Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 5: Crusader – Domino (direct)

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